Operation Underground Railroad + Southern Bungalow Co.

 We are so honored to partner with Operation Underground Railroad in their fight against child trafficking and sexual exploitation. One important way O.U.R and local law enforcement leads this fight is through their electronic storage device (ESD) detection K9 program.  These specially trained canines have the ability to detect a unique chemical compound found in digital storage devices such as USB drives, computer hard drives, SIM cards and other digital storage devices.  These devices can be used to store child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and are easily hidden by predators in drywall, under carpet and literally anywhere. But... these special dogs can find them!  This digital evidence not only leads to the arrest of the predators, but also leads to identifying, locating and arrest of the consumers of their digital material, and most importantly the rescue of the exploited children.   

There is a long waitlist of law enforcement agencies to receive their own K9.  The training of the dogs and their handlers is costly and needs funding. 

This is where this is personal to me...a portion from our Southern Bungalow Co. subscription box sales will be donated to adopt and train our own dog whose name will be Cody, in memory of my precious nephew who passed away but whose life continues to touch so many.  And if you feel moved, no purchase is necessary to donate towards Cody's training, you can simply click the link below and your donation will go directly to O.U.R. and the tracking of our goal.  You can  keep up with the progress we are making in meeting our goal, keep up with Cody's training progress, his graduation ( which I plan to attend with my sister!) and all the amazing successes Cody is a part of.  I am so excited to meet our goal and share with you all the details along the way!