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Scent Collection

Southern Bungalow Co.'s fragrances are carefully curated and inspired by nature, my love of travel, and my fondest memories of growing up in the South.

              *All our fragrance oils are cosmetic grade and phthalate free.

*We add the highest recommended percentage of fragrance oil to every batch to ensure the highest quality candle.

Beach House: Green floral and coconut on a base of woods and vanilla. Takes you to the islands!

Belgian Linen: Crisp, airy, and clean. Belgian Linen is a best seller, with notes of lily, jasmine, citrus, and green floral.

Bungalow: Refined and clean scent, with a mixture of sea salt, freesia, eucalyptus, and earthy green moss. A signature favorite!

Citrus Blossom: Tropical foliage topped with a fresh citrus blend makes this scent light and clean.

Cedar Wood and Tobacco: Woodsy oak moss with a slight hint of floral and sandalwood makes this a perfect masculine and earthy scent

Fresh Bamboo & Orchid: Green foliage and tropical floral combine with a base of orange blossom and musk to create a classic Southern Bungalow Co. scent.

Georgia: Best selling Georgia has a blend of a citrus with a hint of peach. The name says it all!

Harvest: A blend of fragrance and essential oils to create the perfect scent for fall. Pumpkin, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg are added to a base of vanilla and clove. So warm and cozy!

Into The Woods: This warm and masculine scent has notes of clove, tonka bean and amber. Into The Woods is cozy and sophisticated.

Japanese Black Currant: A year round favorite for both women and men. Japanese Black Currant is a sophisticated scent with notes of green floral, light citrus, and currant.

Seaside: Blend of white florals and sea salt. The white musk base completes this spa like favorite.

Veranda: Sea salt, hydrangea, and sandalwood are combined for a subtle and sweet floral.

White Tea & Jasmine: This light and clean scent has notes of white florals, peonies, white tea, and citrus. So fresh and crisp.

Wildflower: This fresh medley is a clean mix of orange blossom, jasmine, cyclamen and oak moss. A beautiful year-round floral.